Frequently Asked Questions

Read answers to some of the common questions people ask us.

1. When do you meet?
We meet for a worship celebration Sundays at 10:30 am.

2. What kind of music do you use?
The music is contemporary, but we also like the hymns. We may have a full band, at other times, acoustic instruments, piano & organ, with people singing in harmony.

3. Are you seeker-sensitive?
If by seeker you mean the kind of person who is wondering about God and would like to meet Him. If by seeker you mean someone who'd like to meet a person who isn't a know-it-all, but relates to their spiritual journey toward God. If by seeker you mean that that there is still a lot left to discover - not just theology, but a real relationship with God. If by seeker you mean someone who is hungry for more God and is convinced that this life has to mean more than just the years we spend here. Then, "yes", we are definitely seeker-friendly! We find that we are, in fact, all "seekers"!

4. How do you handle skeptics?
We find that we tend to attract a good number of skeptics. In fact, a number of skeptics call Living Hope Church their home church. Sound strange? Consider this: When you doubt and wonder about God and what life means, where can you find people who actually pursue answers in this? Is there a safe place to doubt and ask real questions actually pursuing answers instead of avoiding the question? We believe that there needs to be places like that! Why not in the midst of the community? Living Hope Church does not seek to avoid the questions, but ask them. Ask them to people who have found answers and are asking questions of their own. We find that in community many of our questions are reshaped.

5. Will you ask me for money?
Throughout the Bible there is clear teaching that what God is seeking in us is a generous heart. The kind of people who give of their time, energy, passion and, yes, their money too. In Living Hope Church you find people who are generous with their friendships, their money, their smiles, their warmth, their time - even with full schedules.

6. How can I get to know people at Living Hope Church?
We recommend a care group. Care groups are a place of laughter and joy - where we can get to know each other on a different level. Care groups are a place of deep compassion and prayer - where no one is overlooked or forgotten.