Affiliations & Associations

Mennonite Brethren Conference - www.mbconf.ca
Saskatchewan Mennonite Brethren - www.sk.mbconf.ca
M. B. Mission and Service International - www.mbmsi.org

Our denomination is simply an "extended family". We choose to be involved with this wonderful group. The more we get to know them:

  • The better we enjoy them
  • The more we respect them
  • The more we appreciate what it is they do for us

Saskatoon MB Churches
West Portal Chruch
Forest Grove Community Church
Faith River Church
Hope Fellowship Church

Bethany College

Redberry Bible Camp - www.redberrybiblecamp.com

"Our camp" is a place of great ministry. Although our people are involved in many Bible camps, we have more people involved in Redberry than all others combined. Many of our children and youth attend camp here too.